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whoops... missed the cutoff publication date

Apparently the ID publication time changed from 5pm to 9am in the past
year or so (I haven't published close to the wire in a while).

Unfortunately, this means that the -02 update to my draft can't be
published by the time of the WG meeting.  So, I'll try and make sure
my slides for the day include enough background material for any
discussions surrounding changes in the -02 copy (it's technically not
appropriate to ask for opinions on a draft that didn't get published
by the IETF cutoff).

As far as letting people read it, would WG members prefer:

1) I not publish anywhere till after Atlanta.
2) publish it on a web page for those that want it (it'll be -02pre or
   something since it won't be official).
3) send it to this mailing list directly.


Wes Hardaker
Network Associates Laboratories