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[Randy Presuhn <rpresuhn@dorothy.bmc.com>] Re: Call for censensuson path forward

As per request from Randy, here's a forwarded message from him.

Hi -

Since the eos list won't let me post, perhaps one of
you might consider forwarding a strawman proposed filter

   --  an object identifier paired with a possible value to test
   AttributeAndValue ::=  SEQUENCE { attributeId OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
                                  attributeValue ANY DEFINED BY attributeId}

   --   subsetOf, supersetOf, and intersects are bitwise
   FilterItem ::= CHOICE {
        equality        [0] AttributeAndValue,
        initialString   [1] AttributeAndValue, 
        subString       [2] AttributeAndValue,
        finalString     [3] AttributeAndValue,
        greaterOrEqual  [4] AttributeAndValue,
        lessOrEqual     [5] AttributeAndValue,
        present         [6] OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
        subsetOf        [7] AttributeAndValue,
        supersetOf      [8] AttributeAndValue,
        intersects      [9] AttributeAndValue }

   Filter ::= CHOICE {
        item [1] FilterItem,
        and  [2] SET OF Filter,
        or   [3] SET OF Filter,
        not  [4] Filter }

   equality: true when the specified attribute has the specified value
   initialString: true when the specified attribute's value begins
        with the specified octets (meaningful only for OCTET STRINGs)
   subString: true when the specified attribute's value has the specified
        octet string as a substring (meaningful only for OCTET STRINGs)
   finalString: true when the specified attribute's value ends with
        the specified string (meaningful only for OCTET STRINGs)
   greaterOrEqual: true when the specified attribute's value is
        greater than or equal to the value supplied (all data types,
        ordering for octet strings is by byte value, independent of
   lessOrEqual: true when specified attributes value is less than or
        equal to the value suppled
   present: the specified attribute instance exists
   subsetOf: true if all one bits in the specified attribute's value
        are set in the supplied value
   supersetOf: true if all one bits in the supplied value are set in
        the specified attribute's value
   intersects: true if a bit-wise AND of the speicifed attribute's
        value and the supplied value results in at least one one bit
   item: true if expression is true
   and: true if all elements of set are true
   or: true if at least one element of set is true
   not: true if expression is false

(This strawman is adapted from ISO 9596)

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