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Re: Call for censensus on path forward

At 01:28 PM 9/27/2002 +0900, D.Chakraborty wrote:
>[ post by non-subscriber.  with the massive amount of spam, it is easy to
>  miss and therefore delete mis-posts.  so fix subscription addresses! ]
>The URL I gave earlier has severe access restrictions. Sorry
>about that - I have set up the high resolution traffic
>monitoring server on another machine. Try this.
>a. for 10ms resolution graph
>     http://pc5.sendai.wide.ad.jp/HRTM/hrtmapplet-10ms.html
>b. for  5 sec resolution graph
>     http://pc5.sendai.wide.ad.jp/HRTM/hrtmapplet-5sec.html

this didn't work on my IE5.5 browser

>And in case you have problems with your browser then you may also
>    appletviewer http://pc5.sendai.wide.ad.jp/HRTM/hrtmapplet-10ms.html
>    appletviewer http://pc5.sendai.wide.ad.jp/HRTM/hrtmapplet-5sec.html

these URLs look the same as the first set.

>That should work if you have a Java-2 environment on your system.

IMO, a feature design is broken if it requires 100 SNMP polls a second
to work.  It is way better to design a proper MIB for the job, cook
the data on the agent, and move the results to the NMS as needed.

>- debasish.