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Re: Recommendation on the path forward for EOS

> My recommendation is that the WG focus its efforts on the OOPS draft using
> ideas from Dave Shield's and Dave Perkins' work as appropriate. I propose
> that the WG develops the OOPS work as a standards track effort.

One question:

  Is it intended that this would be a new PDU within the existing SNMPv3/v3MP
framework, or would we be expecting to define a new version at some level
(either SNMPv4 or SNMPv3/v4MP) ?

  I thought I'd asked this last week, but the message doesn't seem to have made
it to the list.  Wes (in a reply that also got lost?) seems to be thinking in
terms of adding the OOPS PDUs to the existing SNMPv3/3MP - I'd like to check
whether this is the general feeling, or whether the consensus would be for new
PDUs to mean a new version.