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Recommendation on the path forward for EOS

Title: Recommendation on the path forward for EOS

After reading and re-reading all the comments on this list here are my observations:

1. Wes' OOPS draft seems to have very wide support.

2. Dave Shield's draft has little support on its own. Many would like to take some of the ideas in this draft and combine them with the concepts in the OOPS draft.

3. Glenn Mansfield Keeni's aggregation MIB module seems to have some marginal support.

4. Dave Perkins' GETCOL draft has not received any comment.

My recommendation is that the WG focus its efforts on the OOPS draft using ideas from Dave Shield's and Dave Perkins' work as appropriate. I propose that the WG develops the OOPS work as a standards track effort.

I also recommend that Glenn's aggregation MIB continue to be developed and discussed on this list. The status of the work will be periodically reviewed to determine if this should be published as an RFC. If published, then the status of the RFC (Informational, Experimental, Standards track) will be determined later.

Glenn Waters
EOS WG Chair