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Re: Call for censensus on path forward

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Hi -

> From: "Aldri Luiz dos Santos" <aldri@inf.ufpr.br>
> Subject: Re: Call for censensus on path forward
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>  "from Wijnen, Bert (Bert) at Sep 21, 2002 02:00:42 pm"
> To: "Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" <bwijnen@lucent.com>
> Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 14:28:02 -0300 (BRT)
> Cc: glenn@cysols.com, eos@ops.ietf.org, aldri santos <aldri@inf.ufpr.br>
> We have submitted to disman WG a clustering/Replication MIB.  This

A note from the disman WG chair: although we have talked about
this document, I do not (yet) see any consensus that the WG
is interested in pursuing this work.

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