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Re: Call for censensus on path forward

>>>>> On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 19:07:57 -0400, "Harrington, David" <dbh@enterasys.com> said:

David> I believe Dave Perkins' point that columnar retrieval is
David> necessary is important. Few applications actually focus on
David> retrieving complete tables, but many focus on retrieving
David> certain columns.

Actually, I think most people are in agreement on that subject.  David
P. and I still have disagreements (which we hammered out on the phone
the other day as a disagreement and made sure it wasn't a lack of
understanding each other) as to whether it should be possible to
request all columns of a table or not (in David P.'s eyes, you should
always be forced to specify a list of what columns you want and the
protocol should never allow you to say "return them all").

Wes Hardaker
Network Associates Laboratories