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Re: Call for censensus on path forward

"Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" wrote:
> > > I would really like to hear from a few operators (or
> > > even NM application developers) if they indeed find it
> > > a requirement to do polling a 1-second-granularty.
> > > It does not sound realistic to me... but who is me?
> > >
> > Although we do not do this here, I have heard of a product that does
> > very fast polling. Even that product is not at the one second poll
> > interval, however, it does poll in the 3-5 second interval
> > ranges. That said, it is the only such product I know of that uses
> > such fast polling intervals.
> >
> Any idea/elaboration as to what kind of variables it is polling for
> so frequently?
> Bert

Their marketing lit mentions "analyze multiple variables on a
second-by-second bases". This thing monitors everything from MIB-II
stuff to enterprise stuff. Their approach is that they think they have
to monitor at this fast rate to detect changes in the network.

We own this product, but have not deployed it like this. When we did use
it we disabled all of these out of the box rules and used it to poll at
5 minutes. Since then we have had them develop a new poller for us.

Carl W. Kalbfleisch