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Re: Call for censensus on path forward


Hi Bob, Wes,

Please see my comments inline

> Wes,

> A couple of points:

>> Does this mean that if (iff actually) I can provide a need for
>> filtering you do think that logical operations would be a good thing
>> (and do you develop agents or managers, for which I suspect there will
>> be an opinion difference).
>I'm going to let Dinakaran (an agent developer, by the way) answer this
question, but first I'd like to
>reframe it.  We're having real performance problems today with specific
requests from specific
>management applications to specific agents.  So my litmus test would be
whether, and if so, by
>how much, filtering with logical operations would be more helpful in
solving these performance
>problems than filtering without logical operations would be.

A simple logical operations for filtering would be a very good thing.   At
the moment, all the management applications that we deal with are just
doing discovery  and presenting the information to the users.  The
performance problems that they encounter are because of the inefficiency in
sending data back from the command responder. In a typical response, about
80 % of the space is taken up by the oids and this makes the management
application comeback to the command responder multiple times. Just fixing
this, would help a lot with the performance problem. Filtering with simple
logical operations would be an added advantage.