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Re: Call for censensus on path forward

"David T. Perkins" wrote:
> >3. Where filtering is really needed is when a management application needs
> >to poll the same table repeatedly, especially if the polling needs to be
> >done frequently.
> No, I believe that filtering is needed only when
> "values of items in a table changes very infrequently, and/or
> instances are created or deleted infrequently". Plus, there is

Filtering is useful any time the managment application needs information
from a large table where it does not necessarily know the index up
front. Two examples:

1) poll interface statistics to store in a performance database only
when ifAdminStatus is up

2) poll hrSWRunPerfCPU and MEM for processes where hrSWRunName is like

I had actually started working on a proposal for this. Is it too late?

Carl W. Kalbfleisch