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Re: Call for censensus on path forward



A couple of points:

> Does this mean that if (iff actually) I can provide a need for
> filtering you do think that logical operations would be a good thing
> (and do you develop agents or managers, for which I suspect there will
> be an opinion difference).
I'm going to let Dinakaran (an agent developer, by the way) answer this
question, but first I'd like to reframe it.  We're having real performance
problems today with specific requests from specific management applications
to specific agents.  So my litmus test would be whether, and if so, by how
much, filtering with logical operations would be more helpful in solving
these performance problems than filtering without logical operations would

> 2) checking for existing tcp connections between two machines or for a
>    particular port.  Without filters, the entire table would have to
>    be searched at the management side to do existence checks on the
>    data.  With filtering, you can specify which particular data
>    elements you're interested in.
Yes, for some reason I had overlooked the index filtering part of your
proposal.  I agree that this could be very useful.

> 5) note that in the latest draft, I have filtering applying to WRITEs
>    as well, such that you can make simple queries which might modify a
>    large amount of data.  See the end of the draft a small discussion
>    on the pros and cons of doing so.
Well, we certainly made no distinction in CMIP between writes and reads
with respect to scoping and filtering.  I think this was fine for Sets.
Where we tied ourselves into very large knots was when we tried to apply
scoping and filtering to Deletes.

Clearly you've added some weight to the filteringIsWorthDoing side of the
scale.  That's fine with me.  As I said up front, I was just offering a
*strawman* argument leading to the conclusion that it wouldn't be worth


Bob Moore
Advanced Design and Technology
Application Integration Middleware Division
IBM Software Group