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Re: Proposal cutoff deadline September 15

Andy> We are not just being asked to pick a solution, but rather a
Andy> problem and a solution. These 3 drafts address different problems.
Andy> I would like to see the WG focus on solution (2), but
Andy> incorporate the concepts of (1) into the new PDU format.

I'd be happy with that :-)

However, assuming (for the sake of argument) that we decide to concentrate
on Wes' OOPS proposal as the main focus of our activities, there's one
issue I'd like to clarify:

  Would this be intended as a new PDU operation within the existing
SNMPv3/v3MP framework ?   Or would we be expecting to define a new version
at some level (either SNMPv4 or v4MP)?

  If the latter - what would the position of the existing "traditional"
protocol operations be, within this new version?  Would they be included
exactly as they currently stand, included with (potentially) some minor
modifications, or not included at all?