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Re: Protocol operations proposal deadline

> In the code I am familiar with, parsing a new PDU boils down to a
> sequence of calls to the BER encoder/decoder library and filling out a
> data structure. This is in my experience trivial compared to the
> amount of work needed to implement the semantics.

Oh - I wouldn't quibble with that in the slightest.

I was just questioning Andy's suggestion that handling new functionality
within the existing structures would not be simpler than handling it
within a new structure.

The semantics of the new functionality would have to be handled in
either case, and that's certainly where most of the work lies.
I simply found that by re-using the existing data structure, I could
concentrate on the real problem (the new functionality) - rather than
having to code/decode the new data structure as well.

This coding/decoding isn't difficult - and the benefits in terms of
clarity may well outweigh the additional work involved.  (Probably
does, in fact - I've got no problem with that).  But it *is* a (little)
bit of extra work, nevertheless.

  It's probably not worth getting worked up about this issue.