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Re: OID compression/suppression support

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A couple of comments/questions.

Kristine Adamson wrote:

> Hi,


> We have had a lot of complaints from network management apps about their
> ability to get all the data they want from SNMP efficiently.

This is a very important point, which I'd like to see more
fully explored.   Some of the eos drafts list specific problems
with the existing protocol, but I don't think I've seen anything
about actual functional requirements from applications.

You know, something like

    - Retrieve an entire table
    - Retrieve a particular row
    - Set a value or values in a particular row

I suspect some you wouldn't see are

   - Set values in multiple rows concurrently
   - Retrieve the lexi-next instance of anything

(I've taken Kristine's statement out of context, since she
 was specifically addressing OID compression. Sorry...)

Andy Bierman wrote:

>I think the NMS developers want simple features that they
>can count on being implemented the same in every agent.