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Re: Draft EOS minutes

Dave> But at heart, it's yet another Revolutionary Change (new
Dave> features - only available to these new operations).

Wes> I'd actually disagree there.  I haven't rewritten 2570-2575, nor
Wes> have I redefined the MIB language nor have I ...  They are merely
Wes> new PDU operations.

It's not a "delete-all-and-insert" type of proposal, sure.
But unless I've totally misundertood the draft & slides
you sent me, the new functionality that you're proposing
would still only be accessible via the new GetObjects and
SetObjects PDU types.
  (And I seem to remember that these PDUs had a subtly
different structure to the existing ones as well).

  If you don't like the term Revolutionary - fair enough.
I'll try to remember to avoid using it.

But at the very least, this proposal is "Macro-Evolutionary".
There's nothing wrong with that, and I wouldn't want you
to get the impression that I thought there was.

  I'm just interested in investigating a different approach
(a "Micro-Evolutionary" one, if you like), whereby existing
protocol operations such as Get or GetNext could take advantage
of some of the individual ideas that have been suggested.