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Re: Draft EOS minutes

> >   OK - Stealing shamelessly from the proposals already on the table,
> > I'd suggest the following:
> > 
> >   a)  OID Delta Compression
> >   b)  Filling holes in tables
> >   c)  Non-wrapping of columns

> >   The other thing that would be necessary is some sort of mechanism
> > for negotiating the use of such enhancements.....  I've got some
> > ideas about various possibilities, and will try to put together a
> > fuller proposal, if there's any interest in this sort of approach.
>                                                            I hope that a
> proposal can get written up -- strawman or otherwise -- in Internet draft
> format by September 15.

That shouldn't be a problem - I've currently got a first draft written
longhand, and am starting to write it up and polish it.
  I also hope to have some proof-of-concept code, based on the Net-SNMP
code base.  I've already implemented the three features mentioned above
(triggered by new pseudo-version values), and just need to tackle the
capability negotiation handling.  ["just" he says!]

> By the way, we have one proposal on the table at the moment. It Wes
> Hardaker's draft: draft-hardaker-eos-oops-00.txt.

Hmmm.... Hardaker...  I think I've heard that name somewhere before :-)

>                                                  In the WG meeting there
> appeared to be a moderate level of interest in this work so far. If you
> like what you see in Wes's draft maybe another avenue you could follow
> is to help out Wes.

There are some interesting ideas in Wes' draft - and I've been arguing^W
discussing some of them with him privately.   But at heart, it's yet
another Revolutionary Change (new features - only available to these
new operations).
   I'm much more interested in investigating the possibilities for
Evolutionary Change - features that could be applied to existing protocol
operations as well (given suitable negotiation over their use).

That doesn't preclude work on more extensive ideas as well, naturally.
But this group has tended (IMO) to overlook (or at least downplay) the
potential benefits from simple changes.

  I hope to have something more concrete for you in the next week or so.