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Draft EOS minutes

Title: Draft EOS minutes

Please read and comment. Important information about the status of the WG and the status of the drafts is contained in these minutes.


Draft minutes of the EOS WG meeting
IETF-55, Yokohama, Japan, Thursday, July 18, 2002, 1:00 - 3:00

Minutes by: Steve Waldbusser, Sharon Chisholm, and Glenn Waters
Minutes edited by: Glenn Waters

Meeting chaired by: Glenn Waters

Glenn Waters presented the current state of the working group with respect to each of the original goals and work items. He then gave a historical background of the WG.

Glenn then posed the question of what should we do next. For example, is there interest in new SNMP protocol operations?

Glenn plans to announce to the list that new proposals should be submitted by Sept 15 and if none are submitted then the WG should seriously consider shutting down due to lack of interest.

Steve Waldbusser asked if the WG has any preconceived notions as to what constitutes a new SNMP protocol operation.

Dave Perkins questioned whether the design should be performed in the WG or in designed teams.

Bert Wijnen was unsure about what would be in-scope for this group but expressed reservations about going too far.

There was general discussion about the whether we should be working on evolutionary change or revolutionary change. This discussion also touched on the operator requirements and whether it is possible to meet them.

Bert said we may need an entirely new working group (may or may not be an XMLConf WG) to address the bigger picture items.

Glenn suggested that on Sept 15 we'll look at the proposals and then decide if we will continue with the WG or shut it down. The proposals at that point in time can be straw man but need to have enough structure so that a good understanding of the direction can be determined.

If the proposals seem to be outside the scope of the charter and the WG is interested in pursuing them, and then the charter can potentially be extended upon approved by Bert.

Bert also requires that there be some discussion on the proposal(s) between September 15th and IETF-55 in Atlanta. Lack of interest will indicate that the WG should be shut down.

It was decided that the David Partain OID suppression draft will be reissued for reference purposes.

The bulk-data MIB module (draft-ietf-eos-snmp-bulkdata-01.txt) needs to have a reasonable level of support from the working group in order to proceed as a sanctioned working group item. The authors of that draft need to solicit the list to gain that support.

Wes Hardaker presented his GORP proposal and a number of clarifying questions were asked as well as some helpful suggestions.

Randy asked how RowPointers are encoded if the indexes are separated out.

Wes asked if people were interested in his proposal and if he should continue working on it. A number of people thought that it was a worthy endeavor.

Glenn Mansfield Keeni presented his proposal entitled: MO Aggregation: Programming MIBs

Glenn Keeni will consult the mailing list to see if people think this proposal should go forward within the EOS working group.