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Re: OID Compression - implementation experience

>>>>> Dave Shield writes:

Dave> I've recently (finally) got around to an experimental
Dave> implementation of the two "standalone" OID compression
Dave> techniques proposed last year.


Dave> The other difficult encountered was relating to uncompressed
Dave> OIDs, which might still be used for calculating the following
Dave> delta. With OPC, such variables were identifiable by their type
Dave> tag, and this could be used as a signal to save the OID.  With
Dave> ODC, there was no way to tell which OIDs would be needed for
Dave> delta calculations, so *all* OIDs had to be saved - possibly
Dave> unnecessarily.  Some form of look-ahead could be used to avoid
Dave> this, but the OPC explicit type tag proved a more useful
Dave> approach.

Not sure I fully understand you here. The delta computation is always
relative to the last OID (if I remember correctly) and thus it should
be sufficient to just save the last OID. Can you elaborate on this?


Juergen Schoenwaelder    <http://www.informatik.uni-osnabrueck.de/schoenw/>