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RE: RowStatus questions

> Thanks a bunch to everyone for all the opinions, and I'm certainly
> glad that the majority of them outline that the option I wanted (#4
> above) is what was most widely recommended in the comments.  I will
> have to double check that all the rows can be set in a single PDU for
> all the tables in question.  Certainly the majority of them are
> without problem.  Some of the tables, however, I might run into
> problems with so I'll have to look at those more carefully.
Let me add, that if all the rows can indeed be set in a single PDU,
then we can approve the limitation of just createAndGo right away.

If they do not all fit in a single PDU, then I personally feel we
can still try to make the case, but then we probably will have to
have the discussion if it is acceptable and what kind of error
recovery makes sense, or maybe that such a MIB only fits in 
a specific domain.