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RE: draft-irtf-nmrg-snmp-tcp-08.txt


- sect 2 2nd para you start to talk about a transaction.
  not sure it is clear to everyone what is meant by that,
  should we/you explain a bit?
- sect 2 last para talks about "SNMP timers to fire..."
  not sure that everyone immediately understands what is
  meantg here.
- sect 2.2 last para
  Does this have an impact on FRAMEWORK-MIB? Or how does it
  relate to that? Might be good to explain.
  You talk about being able to "accept messages of at least 8192
  octets". Could someone interpret that you are not required to
  be able to send them? Nitpicking I guess
- sect 2.3 last para
  Maybe it is better to speak about "confirmed operations"
  instead of "confirmed requests" ??
- 1st para on page 6.
  you claim that a response to an inform indicates that the
  notification was delivered to a notification receiver application.
  I believe we had a lot of discussion on this back in the SNMPv3
  WG days... and I am not sure that we all agree that that would
  necessarily be the case. I think we said the response indicates
  that the inform was received and processed by the SNMP engine
  but it could have been just queued up for a notification
  receiver application to be dispatched after the response
  has been generated.
- sect 3.
  I wonder if it would not be better to uppercase the 2 cases of
  recommended to RECOMMENDED. This to make use of security a much
  stronger recommendation.