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Re: snmp over tcp

>>>>> Glenn Mansfield Keeni writes:

Glenn> Juergen, The document is nicely done. A few minor comments.

Glenn> You seem to have left unconfirmed traps out of the purview of
Glenn> the draft - is this intentional ? Section 2 mentions
Glenn> specifically about "request/response transaction" only.

The purpose of the text you seem to refer to is to say that
request/response transactions must happen over the same transport and
that the initiator chooses the transport. We do not talk about
unconfirmed traps here since it is more or less obvious that only the
sender can choose the transport for these messages.

Glenn> I think that we would do well with a word about "transaction"
Glenn> and SNMP timers (application specific timers is probably
Glenn> better).  [ I do not think that these have been discussed in
Glenn> any of the SNMP documents]

Please propose concrete text and explain why it is needed to implement
SNMP over TCP. Note that this is not the document to describe things
that you might find missing in other SNMP documents.

Glenn> Ant then, the following substitutions may be better page 4
Glenn> paragraph 1 s/per/by/ page 4 paragraph 2 s/coincide/align/

Agreed. Fixed in my XML sources.


Juergen Schoenwaelder    <http://www.informatik.uni-osnabrueck.de/schoenw/>