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Re: snmp over tcp

           The document is nicely done. A few minor comments.
           You seem to have left unconfirmed traps out of the 
purview of the draft - is this intentional ? Section 2 mentions
specifically about "request/response transaction" only. 
           I think that we would do well with a word about 
"transaction" and SNMP timers (application specific timers is
probably better).  [ I do not think that these have
been discussed in any of the SNMP documents]
          Ant then, the following substitutions may be better           
                      page 4  paragraph 1 s/per/by/         
                      page 4 paragraph 2 s/coincide/align/ 


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Subject: FYI: snmp over tcp

> The NMRG has updated the SNMP over TCP specification. The latest
> version can be found in <draft-irtf-nmrg-snmp-tcp-07.txt>. We have
> asked the RFC editor to publish this document as Experimental RFC.
> /js
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