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Re: Pseudo WG Last Call: draft-irtf-nmrg-snmp-tcp-07.txt asExperimen tal RFC

>>>>> On Wed, 27 Mar 2002 00:14:18 +0100, "Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" <bwijnen@lucent.com> said:

Bert> draft-irtf-nmrg-snmp-tcp-07.txt

Bert> as a specific WG work item, I would like to see the WGs
Bert> reaction to the idea of publishing this document as a
Bert> Experimental RFC.

I would very much like to see something "official" looking get
published for SNMP over TCP.  We've received a fair amount of requests
for TCP support in general and have been offering support for it for a
while.  (I need to double check that we still meet the exact specs
published in this draft, however).  Publishing something like the
above will certainly help in interoperability between multiple vendors
wishing to provide support for SNMP over TCP, even if the published
OIDs ended up in the experimental tree.  I'd prefer, of course, that
it actually end up on the real standards track but experimental is
still much better than nothing.

Wes Hardaker
NAI Labs
Network Associates