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Re: ppt slides for draft-ietf-eos-snmp-bulkdata-01.txt

hi bob,

thanks for the review comments.

>I would like to ask you to revise your SNMP Bulk Data Transfer
>Extensions MIB to include support IETF standard AgentX
>implementations of it.  This would mean adding at least a statement
>to that effect in Sec. 2.3, "Design Goals" and (most importantly)
>changing the three scalar objects -- acFileEncoding,
>acFileCompression, and acXferProtocol -- into table objects in some

I didn't consider agent-x and your point is well taken.  converting
from scalars to tables might be workable.  how do you instance the
table, though?  is there a deterministic mapping of subagents that
we can reliably use?

>Should these really be single-valued INTEGERs or bit-masks that
>represent the range of capabilities in each area offered by the
>[sub-]agent?  The appearance of other objects (xferProtocol,
>snapshotFileEncoding, and snapshotFileCompression) in several tables
>suggest the a given [sub-]agent is not limited to just one
>possibility for acXferProtocol, acFileEncoding, or

that was my error - they were intended to be bitmasks (as a conceptual
fix, just OR the enums' together as exponents of 2 until the next mib
update; ie, noCompression=1, bzip=2, gzip=4 and then just sum to form
the obvious bitmask).