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>>>>> Subrata Goswami writes:

Subrata> hi juergen, thanks for spotting the arithmetic flaw.  i
Subrata> assume you to 11 bytes by assuming one byte for type, one
Subrata> byte for length right, and one byte each for each character,
Subrata> right ?

octets not characters. BER has no problem to deal with 0x00 bytes
or UTF-8 character encodings...

Subrata> so for string types , ASCII is better than BER. BER also
Subrata> restricts your string size to 256 characters.

You obviously did not read or not understand my previous message.  The
size restriction of 256 octets of course does not exist as you will
find out when you do your homework.

Subrata> let us do the same this for boolean values.  ASCII: 1 byte
Subrata> BER : 3 bytes

Subrata> So here too ASCII is better by 200 % better.

You still compare not the same things. So the result is pointless.

Subrata> well, let us look at the CPU power. There is no significant
Subrata> difference in handling strings and booleans. How about
Subrata> integers ?  In case of ASCII, the string has to be parsed ( i
Subrata> am sure there are some neat algorithms to do that very
Subrata> efficiently).

As I said before: Make your own experiments rather than making just
some guesses and drawing conclusions from them. You are after all
using a University email address - so you should know how to research
a simple issue like this.

Subrata> given all these using BER is marginally more efficient.

Whatever marginally means to you and me...

Subrata> but ASCII provides other benefits: i) hell of a lot easier to
Subrata> debug on the wire. ii) most management platforms are natively
Subrata> ASCII. iii) CPU power increase 2 folds every 18 months
Subrata> ("Moore's Law").

tcpdump/ethereal both know SNMP BER and these tools are IMHO good
enough to debug problems on the wire. Most management platforms I have
seens are usually graphic rather than ASCII - so you should argue for
shipping data encoded in graphics. ;-)