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hi juergen, thanks for spotting the arithmetic flaw.
i assume you to 11 bytes by assuming one byte for type, one
byte for length right, and one byte each for each character, right ?

so for string types , ASCII is better than BER. BER also restricts
your string size to 256 characters.

let us do the same this for boolean values.
ASCII: 1 byte
BER  : 3 bytes

So here too ASCII is better by 200 % better.

Let us look at some integers (e.g. 4294967295)

ASCII: 10 bytes
BER:   6  bytes.

so only in case in integers BER is 40% better.

well, let us look at the CPU power. There is no significant
difference in handling strings and booleans. How about integers ?
In case of ASCII, the string has to be parsed ( i am sure there are
some neat algorithms to do that very efficiently).

given all these using BER is marginally more efficient.  but ASCII provides
other benefits: i) hell of a lot easier to debug on the wire. ii) most
platforms are natively ASCII. iii) CPU power increase 2 folds every 18
("Moore's Law").

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>>>>> Subrata Goswami writes:

Subrata> well, let us look at the following string (say for sysDescr):
Subrata> "my system".

Subrata> 1) ASCII: 9 bytes 2) BER: 4+4+18 = 34 bytes.

Subrata> So I would say ASCII is 400 % more efficient. am i right ?

BER requires only 11 bytes in this case. You first need to understand
who something works before you can argue about it. Also note that your
math is incorrect: 4+4+18 gives 26 and not 34.

Also note that BER encoding communicates the type and the length of
the string variable. Now show me the ASCII encoding that does the same
with less than 11 bytes...


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