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>>>>> Subrata Goswami writes:

Subrata> Questions on the draft "Efficient Transfer of Bulk SNMP
Subrata> Data".

Subrata> 2. How much overhead does BER added compared to simple ASCII
Subrata> ?

BER encoding is usually (a) more space efficient than ASCII and (b)
more time efficient (in terms of CPU cycles needed to encode/decode)
than ASCII.

Just make a simple exercise: Encode/decode some large numbers using
BER and ASCII and look at the result and CPU cycles needed.

The price for this efficency is that you can't use printf() and
friends to encode/decode messages. People who argue for "simple ASCII"
encodings usually confuse efficiency on the wire or CPU wise with the
"efficiency" of creating protocol messages with string processing

If you use good SNMP tools, then the whole issue of creating messages
will be hidden from the programmer.


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