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Questions on the draft "Efficient Transfer of Bulk SNMP Data".

1. Why is an TLV type encoding required ? Is it not possible to 
   simple ASCII encoding (is done HTML). 

2. How much overhead does BER added compared to simple ASCII ?

3. I am trying to understand what the following section imply.  To the
   best of my knowledge most devices now a days have HTTP servers embedded
   for device management. So no extra overhead would be there as the device
   understands both HTTP and HTML.

   "Other non-SNMP alternatives for bulk transfer include using MIME or 
   XML Document Type Definition (DFD) to encode the MIB data. The data 
   can then be transferred via the well-known HTTP protocol since it is 
   well suited for bulk transfer of MIME-encapsulated data. However, 
   since HTTP is primarily intended for transferring World Wide Web 
   data, it has many features and options that are not required for 
   management data. However, a compliant implementation will 
   nevertheless have to implement those features thereby increasing the 
   size and complexity of the SNMP implementations without additional 
   benefit. In addition, future evolution of HTTP may add features or 
   requirements that make it unsuitable for transferring MIB data."