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Re: A Data collection MIB

> >- Currently the NMS can only specify and transfer
> >either a MIB subtree or a single MIB table in one
> >file. There should be a provision to transfer a bunch
> >of data in one go e.g. NMS may need to transfer
> >a lot of tables in several MIBs to fully populate
> >its database. Instead of creating and parsing one
> >file per MIB table, there should be provision to
> >parse the whole list of tables and possibly scalars
> >as well.
> I am very seriously considering allowing multiple 'augments' style
> tables to be scooped up at once and sent up to the remote fileserver
> in one single file.  dperkins convinced me of this and I agree that
> its useful.  otoh, I'm not sure of the utility of scooping up several
> tables (possibly including scalars) and putting them all in ONE file
> for remote upload.  this just makes things more complicated than they
> have to be.  its much easier to have a single schema record at the beginning
> of the data file than to have to delimit several tables and several schemas.
> uploading a few files vs. one big one seems to have no real effect on the
> efficiency of the data collection and transfer.

This is supported in the MIB which I've sent out. I have adopted a 
different approach in specifying columns. Instead of indicating the 
positional index of the column, my MIB requires that the exact
OID of the column be specified. This automatically allows 
"multiple 'augments' style tables" to be retrieved as a single table.