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Re: A Data collection MIB

rpresuhn-lists@dorothy.bmc.com wrote:
> Hi -
> > Message-ID: <3BF26229.78EA9D5@cisco.com>
> > Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:53:05 +0530
> > From: Nalin Pai <nalpai@cisco.com>
> > To: eos@ops.ietf.org
> > Cc: bryan@snmptools.org, dbattle@cisco.com, nalpai@cisco.com
> > Subject: A Data collection MIB
> ..
> > We thought it would be best to throw this open to eos.
> >
> > This MIB is intended to help periodic data retrievals, when the data
> > itself is a set of discontiguous rows spread across multiple tables.
> > Likely applications are performance and accounting applications.
> ..
> What is the relationship of this proposal to RFC 2982?

I believe this MIB can be used well in tandem with the Expression
MIB and the Event MIB.

Both of the above mentioned MIBs were designed for a different purpose,
the Expression MIB for calculation and aggregation of object values,
the Event MIB for monitoring thresholds and sending out notifications.
The data collection MIB on the other hand is designed for selecting 
and projecting a view of required data that needs to be frequently

If we are interested in aggregating the delta values of ifInOctets
for ifIndex 1,2,4,10-12. There is no way we can selectively achieve
this in the expression MIB. But we could set up the data collection
MIB for these instances and the expression MIB can get exactly these
required instance values in the access tables of the data collection