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RE: A Data collection MIB

Hi Dale,

>A working group's status is gauged by the sum total
>of work accomplished by the group.  Most of the visible
>work consists of the discussion on the mailing list,
>and the drafts and RFCs that arise from that discussion.
>For whatever reason, despite the interest that many
>have expressed in the goals of EOS, there has
>been little discussion since the last IETF, hence
>the decision of the chairs not to seek a face-to-face
>meeting for Salt Lake City.
>As a co-chair, I have not done a good job of prodding
>and cajoling.  Still, the real impetus for progress
>has to come from interested developers.  A continued

I agree that we really need to have the discussion going
on this list. As an interested developer, I had sent a few
comments for draft-ietf-eos-snmp-bulkdata-00.txt on
08/02/2001 but haven't seen any response or any updated
draft. If there is a need for more volunteers, may be we
should ask for help on the list.


>lack of discussion on the list would be grounds for
>pulling the plug, but I don't think we're there yet.
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> > Just as an aside, what is the status of this working group? The last
> > post prior to yours was Aug. 30, the EOS WG web page was last modified
> > Jul 31, and was suppose to shutdown or re-charter Oct. 01. Are any of
> > the previous proposals still being considered?
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> > -sjs