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Re: RFC 1905 Section 4.2.5

> Section 4.2.5 of RFC 1905 describes the processing of SetRequest-PDU.
> Section 4.2.5 calls for a two phase approach to VAR_BIND processing:
> <!--StartFragment-->
>    The variable bindings are conceptually processed as a two phase
>    operation.  In the first phase, each variable binding is validated;
>    if all validations are successful, then each variable is altered in
>    the second phase.  Of course, implementors are at liberty to
>    implement either the first, or second, or both, of these conceptual
>    phases as multiple implementation phases.  Indeed, such multiple
>    implementation phases may be necessary in some cases to ensure
>    consistency.
> <!--EndFragment-->
> The two phase approach is archaic in many ways.  As such, rethinking this
> approach is in order and/or more specific language is needed.

As well as reading the first and second sentences in that paragraph, I
recommend you read the third and fourth sentences also.  Hopefully,
they will lead you to correct conclusion that "the two phase approach"
is used as a means of describing the required *behaviour*, not the
required implementation strategy, and therefore it is not "archaic" in
any way.