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RE: A Data collection MIB


A working group's status is gauged by the sum total
of work accomplished by the group.  Most of the visible
work consists of the discussion on the mailing list,
and the drafts and RFCs that arise from that discussion.

For whatever reason, despite the interest that many
have expressed in the goals of EOS, there has
been little discussion since the last IETF, hence
the decision of the chairs not to seek a face-to-face
meeting for Salt Lake City.

As a co-chair, I have not done a good job of prodding
and cajoling.  Still, the real impetus for progress
has to come from interested developers.  A continued
lack of discussion on the list would be grounds for
pulling the plug, but I don't think we're there yet.


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> Just as an aside, what is the status of this working group? The last
> post prior to yours was Aug. 30, the EOS WG web page was last modified
> Jul 31, and was suppose to shutdown or re-charter Oct. 01. Are any of
> the previous proposals still being considered?
> -sjs