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Error Feedback

>Finally, error-status is too simplistic in the face of complex BL.  Giving
the user feedback for row creation problems is not possible via variables,
tables, >columns, or traps without correlation problems.  In other words,
protocol support is needed.  As such, is it possible to have all new PDUs
be extended to >include an errTxt (DisplayString)?  This could give the
user the ability to augment the explanation given in error-status.

>For example, table t has col1, col2, and col3.  For t row creation col1
cannot be set to y when col3 is set to x.  With a violation of the previous
condition, an >error-status inconsistentValue does not quite capture what
the problem is.  In other words, BL is customer dependent and as such the
customer should have >protocol support to return an extended error message.

Another solution would be to have user defined objects classified with
accessible-for-response (like accessible-for-notify).  The protocol would
need to be relaxed to allow these new objects to be passed back along with
a Response PDU.

Sidney Antommarchi
VXi - Systems Engineering