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Re: draft-ietf-eos-snmp-bulkdata-00.txt

Hi Bryan,

You have compiled a nice draft. I have a few comments:

- When is the bulk data collected? Is it collected
when the entry in slice table is made active or when
the entry in xferTable made active?

- If the NMS wants to get the same data again
and again at regular intervals, it seems he has
to create new entries in the xferTable. Instead
there should be an object to start generation
and transfer of the data specified by a particular
sliceEntry again and again without having to create
new xferTable entries.

- Currently the NMS can only specify and transfer
either a MIB subtree or a single MIB table in one
file. There should be a provision to transfer a bunch
of data in one go e.g. NMS may need to transfer
a lot of tables in several MIBs to fully populate
its database. Instead of creating and parsing one
file per MIB table, there should be provision to
parse the whole list of tables and possibly scalars
as well.

- You need to include details in the draft about how
to integrate this MIB with the Schedule MIB. In
that case, the entries in the xferTable need to be
active forever unless explicitly deleted.

- There should be an object to start/stop the bulk
file generation/transfer. Currently there is no knob
to stop the bulk file generation/transfer other than
deleting the row which is not good.

- Notifications should be defined in this MIB to
indicate both the error conditions and the successful
transfer of the bulk file.

- Is the bulk file stored in RAM/Flash or is it an
ephemeral file? The status variable does has
reference to ephemeral file. If its an ephemeral file,
it should be mentioned clearly in the draft.

- The MIB in the draft uses IpAddress type. It should
instead use InetAddressType and InetAddress to
accommodate IPv6 addresses as well.

- In description of xferFileEncoding object, the
XML schema should be included so that the NMS
knows how to parse it.

BTW I have implemented and enhanced Bulk file and
FTP client MIBs (similar to this MIB) in Cisco and have
worked on using these MIBs in NMSes. Lemme know
if I can be of any help.


At 12:52 PM 7/16/2001 -0700, snmp@allegronetworks.com wrote:
>My co-author (David Battle) and I just posted our joint submission:
>         draft-ietf-eos-snmp-bulkdata-00.txt
>In the meantime, a copy can be found on:
>         http://www.grateful.net/rfc/
>A minor update is being made to this draft, and I'll post it here in
>the next day or so; but I wanted to get what we submitted for the
>London IETF out for mailing list review asap, so there it is.
>Bryan Levin, Allegro Networks