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GetCols update


Good news - one of the developers at Riverstone is working on implementing
the GetCols proposal from the last IETF. And I've updated the power-point
document to provide the details that were left out at the WG presentation.
These include how to specify the beginning and ending instances for
slices. I've also looked at some of the other documents, and they have
provided inspiration for changing a few details in the earlier proposal.
We plan to have results of the implementation by the London IETF. The
GetCols operation is being added to the agent from SNMP Research and
to the manager from the NET-SNMP project.

The bad news is the I couldn't get the proposal written up as an I-D by
the deadline today. I'll post an I-D to the mailing list when it is
completed. Sorry.

/david t. perkins