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Re: Open/Closed Issues on SNMP Extended Protocol MIB

>>>>> Sharon Chisholm writes:

Juergen> I also argue that adding such an additional error code is
Juergen> unlikely to break applications since they will most likely
Juergen> treat everything they do not understand as genErr anyway.

Sharon> Ah.  My thinking is that they are currently returning
Sharon> notWritable for things which they find too complicated to
Sharon> support via traditional sets.  GenErr then provides me less
Sharon> information than the current error message.

I do not think RFC 1905 says that. My reading of RFC 1905 is that it
requires you to handle arbitrary combinations of objects in a set
operation. The notWritable returns in section 4.2.5. of RFC 1905 are
all on a per varbind basis. RFC 1905 does not have a tooComplex error
code - something well known to people who have been involved in this
some longer time (there were already tons of bits wasted on this in
the past - so the problem is well known but was never addressed).

Perhaps some implementations do return a notWritable and perhaps other
implementations do return a genErr in cases they know they can't
handle. I can imagine that some perhaps even claim a commitFailed. If
these different interpretations exist, then this would be clear sign
to me that this really needs to get fixed.

Sharon> Well, my preference is to get the same error code for not
Sharon> supporting traditional sets in SNMPv3 and EOS, and preferably
Sharon> without sending SNMPv3 a message they will end up dropping on
Sharon> the floor (mapping to GenErr).

A tooComplex condition just does not exist in RFC 1905. And once more,
please do not talk about SNMPv3 versus EOS. It is protocol operations
v2 (POv2) versus protocol operations v3 (POv3) (perhaps we need some
nicer acronyms).


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