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RE: Open/Closed Issues on SNMP Extended Protocol MIB


Ira> Separately, even if SubAgent behavior was deemed out of scope for EOS,
Ira> I don't see how EOS is useful unless SubAgent behavior _is_ specified
Ira> and (my opinion) AgentX is compatibly extended.

Ira> I agree, though I assume the rowOp doc is not
Ira> the place to specify this (other than to point
Ira> out something has to be done).
Ira> The problem of discovering which subtree supports EOS is terrible
Ira> for NMS scripts to cope with.

Lauren> I agree.  And I think I can think of a general way of
Lauren> avoiding this problem (if the NMSs follow some rules):

Lauren> <description of translating row operations into traditional stuff>

Is this the only reason for trying to ensure that eos operations can
translated into traditional operations?  I've been wondering
where this requirement came from.  If there is no other reason, considering
is solved by allowing the capabilities by sub-tree, then I think we would
want to make this a non-compliant requirement.