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Re: Open/Closed Issues on SNMP Extended Protocol MIB

>>>>> Sharon Chisholm writes:

Juergen> I think I was suggesting to add tooComplex to version 3 of
Juergen> the protocol operations and to map it to genErr (or whatever
Juergen> people think is a good choice) when people use version 2 of
Juergen> the protocol operations.

Sharon> Wouldn't adding a new error code to version 3 require
Sharon> recycling the standard back to draft?  It's taken so long to
Sharon> get SNMPv3 to the point it currently is, do we really want to
Sharon> do this?

SNMPv3 as it stands today uses version 2 of the SNMP protocol
operations and I am talking about version 3 of the SNMP protocol
operations (which I think eos is basically working on).