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RE: Open/Closed Issues on SNMP Extended Protocol MIB


Ira> Given that 'New' is only new once and utterly uninformative, could
Ira> new status codes have better names like 'notRowWritable' or
Ira>'notEosWritable', please?

Well, notNewWritable should probably have been notFooWritable, since
it was more an example name. I suspect what Foo is depends on what we
end up calling the new protocol operations.  

I think for the next version of the MIB I will assume some sort
of notFooWritable return code. 

Ira> Separately, even if SubAgent behavior was deemed out of scope for EOS,
Ira> I don't see how EOS is useful unless SubAgent behavior _is_ specified
Ira> and (my opinion) AgentX is compatibly extended.

Ira> The problem of discovering which subtree supports EOS is terrible
Ira> for NMS scripts to cope with.

What was originally defined out of scope would be the support of systems
which did not have homogenous protocol support throughout the master/agent
landscape. This mainly effects the extended protocol MIB.

It's easy enough to put in, so unless there is strong objection, I'll add
it to the next version of the draft.