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Re: proposed row ops requirements

Hi Juergen,

Are you saying `at least as fast' as a `requirement' as potentially
acheivable goal?

If the relative time for SNMP bulk transfer comes within 20% of other
methods, then I'd be more than satisfied.  However, I've no objection to
your stronger wording, or to alternative wording suggested by Lauren.

Maybe given a TCP transport, oid compression, rowOps, etc.working in
concert, then SNMP may actually prove faster than ftp, http, corba for
certain granularities of management information.  I can't imagine SNMP would
ever be faster for all cases.

At absolute minimum it'd be nice to distribute management scripts
efficiently within the SNMP rather than rely upon means external to standard
management flow.



Juergen Schoenwaelder wrote:

> >>>>> Mark Ellison writes:
> Mark> Setting the bar for SNMP to perform as fast or faster seems
> Mark> unreasonable as a goal.
> I think it is a perfect goal. You need to be as good or better as your
> competitors. This should be the goal. Nothing else. Otherwise, you
> will never even come close to them.
> /js
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