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RE: Open/Closed Issues on SNMP Extended Protocol MIB


Sharon> Now, charging ahead to solve it before it is a requirement, the MIB
Sharon> I sent out this morning provides a simple means to determine which
Sharon> functionality a subtree supports above and beyond what the rest of 
Sharon> the system supports. 

Sandra> As an alternative to this, the approach that Steve and I had
Sandra> using the aggregate row objects may be able solve some of this
Sandra> without requiring that subtrees be registered in a
Sandra> The aggregate row objects use the naming convention of <table>.2
Sandra> to uniquely identify aggregate rows (as compared to <table>.1 for
Sandra> regular conceptual table rows). So, if you required that each
Sandra> subagent wishing to support aggregate row objects must explicitly 
Sandra> register those objects with the Master Agent then you can ensure
Sandra> that if an EOS type operation is performed (e.g. CreateRow,
Sandra> EditRow) with aggregate row objects, then the request would only
Sandra> be sent to the the subagent if that subagent indicated that it would
Sandra> support the aggregate row objects requested. 

Well, that might work for row operations, but I think we need a general
that can be used for any EOS feature, present and future.