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Re: Open/Closed Issues on SNMP Extended Protocol MIB

> Adding "tooComplex" to 1905 means adding an error code to 1905 that SNMPv3
> managers would see, but would not understand.


  What is the correct defined behaviour for a Command Generator receiving
a response PDU with an unrecognised error-status value?   Should it map
it to 'genErr' (explicitly or otherwise),  discard the PDU, or what?

  And what is the actual behaviour of a typical management application
in such a situation?

  I've had a quick look through RFC 1905, and the SNMPv3 stuff, but
I couldn't immediately spot anything that addressed this.   All that
RFC 2573 states is:

   (2)  The operation type, request-id, error-status, error-index, and
        variable-bindings are extracted from the PDU and saved....

   (3)  At this point, it is up to the application to take an
        appropriate action.  The specific action is implementation

The only other bit I could spot that was relevant was the following
from RFC 1905:

   A non-zero value of the error-status field in a Response-PDU is used
   to indicate that an exception occurred to prevent the processing of
   the request.

So it would seem reasonable for a command generator to treat an
unrecognised value as more-or-less equivalent to 'genErr'.

But is this the Right Thing To Do?