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RE: proposed row ops requirements


Sharon> My problem with the way to (a) is written, is that I don't
Sharon> usually want the entire table - I only want some of the
Sharon> columns.  If we focus on efficiency for getting the entire
Sharon> table, then we may not actually gain anything.  If I get
Sharon> something 4 times more efficient, but I have to retrieve 4
Sharon> times the information to use the feature, then I'm exactly
Sharon> where I started.

Juergen> So what about this:
Juergen> (a) Make SNMP efficient so that retrieving complete tables or
Juergen>     of potentially large tables is at least as fast as retrieving
Juergen>     same information via other channels (e.g. FTP or CLI).

I can live with that.  Is "at least as fast as" measurable?