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Re: Open/Closed Issues on SNMP Extended Protocol MIB

>>>>> Sharon Chisholm writes:

Sharon> Well, that is why I said the issue might be need to be
Sharon> re-opened. If we do decide to give the thumbs-up to
Sharon> implementations that don't support traditional sets, then
Sharon> there are a few ways to position it.  In order of increasing
Sharon> complexity:

Sharon> 1) State that we require support of protocol operations as
Sharon> defined in RFC1905, with the possible exception of set
Sharon> operations.

Sharon> 2) Have separate, possibly overlapping, views for subtrees
Sharon> that have traditional set support and those that support row
Sharon> Operators

Sharon> 3) Have something in the SNMP Extended Protocol MIB that
Sharon> states that the entity supports the new sets but not the old.
Sharon> We had originally said we would not do this though.

Another option would be to redefine the RFC 1905 set operation so that
it allows implementors to return a tooComplex error code when they
receive sets that try to modify multiple rows in multiple tables in
ways that are hard to implement (e.g. do not map to row operations).
This way, I can implement row ops instrumentation and still support a
(potentially sufficient) subset of all possible set operations.

My experience is that most existing management applications do not
send arbitrarily complex sets because that won't work in practice.
So the costs for handling a tooComplex error code in management
applications if probably not very high - and you can map tooComplex
to e.g. genErr for those old applications that expect RFC 1905

I guess I argue for being able to map RFC 1905 operations to row ops
instrumentations rather than mapping row ops operations to RFC 1905
instrumentations with the goal to clearly cut the implementation costs
on the agent side.


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