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Re: proposed row ops requirements

>>>>> Sharon Chisholm writes:

Sharon> Those are all great goals.

Sharon> No, I'm not getting religious.  But, last I checked we were
Sharon> not working on SNMPv4.  We do have a requirement to play
Sharon> nicely with SNMPv3 managers.

I never asked to do SNMPv4. However, if we update the protocol
operations (which the charter explicitely allows for), then we
must get real benefits from doing so.

If people do not want changes, then lets stay away from touching
the protocol operations at all and lets just do things like OID
compression that are purely an issue between the SNMP engines 
involved and completely transparent to management applications
and agent implementations.

Once again, I like to see this stated clearly in the requirements:

(a) Make SNMP efficient so that retrieving a table with a few hundred
    entries is at least as fast as retrieving the same information via
    other channels (e.g. FTP or CLI).

(b) Make the costs for implementing writable objects at least as cheap
    as implementing a CLI command or a Web interface.

Actually, I would like to see that every proposed new feature has to
prove how it helps to reach (a) or (b).


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