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Re: RowStatus versus RowState


Sharon Chisholm wrote:
> hi
> The rowops draft says that the intention is to replace RowStatus with
> RowState, but that RowStatus is not being deprecated.  I think this
> is a bit ambiguous.  I suspect we either need to either
> 1) state that an entry MUST support just one of RowStatus and RowState.
>    As in, if you want to support RowState, then you need to deprecate
>    your RowStatus object.

This was the intention, so I'll make sure the next draft version
clarifies all this.  Depending on the final semantics
of RowState, these two objecrs may be inconsistent if supported
together in the same table (even if RowStatus is deprecated but
still supported).  For example, if you change RowState
to NotReady but RowStatus stays at active, then the behavior of one
or the other probably is violated.  It may be that to change
from RowStatus to RowState you have to deprecate/replace the whole
table.  Of course, it may not be worth it to do that just so RowState
is supported.

Thanks, Lauren
> or
> 2) define the interaction between RowState and RowStatus.  As in, if your
>    RowStatus is X, then your RowState is Y ...
> Sharon Chisholm
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