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EOS extended error codes

Lauren Heintz wrote:
> - Extended error codes (i.e. application-specific
> errors)...

This is how the extended error feature works at
present in draft-ietf-eos-snmp-rowops-01.txt:

A command responder can insert ONE extended-error varbind
as the LAST varbind in any EOS-related response.

The varbind name is devised so as to be easily
differentiated from other EOS varbind types (e.g.
RowIdentifiers, Operands), but does not actually
associate to a specific MIB object.

This varbind can contain multiple error codes, each
with a list of 0 or more varbinds that relate to each
error.  Actually, all of this info is contained in the
varbind name.  The value is always NULL, but I suppose
could be used to pass back one or more application-specific
error messages.

The document provides no way to map the error codes
to specific meanings at this time.  Was thinking that
each error code could be IANA controlled much like

I had also considered an alternative approach where
one or more "notification" objects (i.e. accessible-for-notify)
varbinds could be inserted at the end of the response varbind list,
sort of as if a part of the response is able to serve as a
notification.  But I chose simplicity and efficiency over elegance
at this time.