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summary of draft-ietf-eos-snmp-rowops-01.txt


The 01 version (which should appear in your
inbox soon, if not already there) has considerable
re-work so a change-bar version is useful at
this time.

I may (or may not) soon post separate threads on
some of these items, but here's a summary of
this new document:

- GetBulkRow (provides bulk retrieval from
one or more sections of one or more tables,
and includes head/tail type of capabilities).
I believe Randy suggested head/tail at IETF.

- Extended error codes (i.e. application-specific
errors). I believe Jeurgen and/or David P'
suggested this, though I'm not sure they'd
agree that what I've provided is what they had
in mind. :-)

- Singletons (random reads/writes). Couldn't think
of a better name for varbinds that aren't part of
a RowOp.  I believe Robert Story suggested this
kind of approach.

- operations work on rows and/or group scalars.
I forget who suggested this.

- All proto-ops are now based on the BulkPDU.
non-repeaters = #Singletons in request.
max-repetitions = length of head/tail search in GetBulkRow
and = 0 for normal GetBulkRow searches.  This is
my fault.

- Added RowState TC details.

- Added new optimizations: 3 kinds of OID
inheritance and also use slightly new
but familiar OID suppression/packing techniques to
further reduce PDU size (with slightly added
level of complexity, I'm afraid).

- three-phase SETs (test. commit, retrieve):
retrieve phase is executed only if test phase
succeeds.  Jeurgen suggested this kind of

- better examples in appendix.

- coexistence and transition: suggested new transition
strategy, i.e., GetRow, GetNextRow and EditRow can be
easily translated into convention requests to achieve
some EOS benefits right away, then later CreateRow, DeleteRow
and GetBulkRow can be added on subagent-subagent basis (for
example) or as new systems are implemented from scratch.

- misc edits/simplifications/clarification/etc.

- please note known issues in appendix.

- still need: feedback, elements of procedure,
security section, way to map extended error codes
into meaningful errors.

Thanks, Lauren