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Re: Direction of Row Operations (fwd)


I agree with Juergen that if new protocol operations are to be added
(and I believe that they MUST), then improving SETs to return application
level errors is VERY desirable. When this is done, some SMI work will
also be needed. Note that Juergen wrote a proposal (I believe) about
2 years ago on this issue. There were several good aspects of the
proposal, and a couple of issues that needed to be resolved, which
  1) drops and duplicates
  2) long processing times

/david t. perkins

At 11:17 PM 5/17/2001 +0200, Juergen Schoenwaelder wrote:

>>>>>> Sandra McLeod writes:
>Sandra> I think there is an obvious need to make row-based operations
>Sandra> easier and more efficient. It's not clear to me whether the
>Sandra> row operations should be implemented through additions to the
>Sandra> protocol with new PDUs for each type of row operation or
>Sandra> whether the RowState TC is enough.
>The current set operation requires to return the received varbind
>(execpt in cases where you hit message size constraints). This means
>that you can't return error codes specific to the semantics of the row
>set operation if something goes wrong. All you have are the standard
>SNMP error codes - and they are not sufficient to report why a certain
>row could not be instantiated. The manager ends up with genErr or
>inconsistentValue and it has to guess what might have gone wrong.
>I believe that this needs to be fixed so that we can start to write
>more robuts management applications. I would also prefer to have new
>operations that return the current values after the set, thus making
>the set/get combos we need in several cases these days go away.
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